Earn easy money
with package inserts!

Put the marketing of your parcels on "autopilot" and secure lucrative additional income with every parcel with minimal effort.

Booked parcels without handling effort

Unlike pre-produced parcel inserts, ParcelDealz parcel inserts are printed on demand using the existing label printer with the shipping label.

The difference with other parcel insert providers?

ParcelDealz Bubble
ParcelDealz Bubble

As a publisher, you benefit from:

Simple handling

Scan, print, enclose - that's it. Processing becomes routine and the logistics effort is minimal. You don't need storage space for bulk flyers.

No disposal costs

On-demand means there are no left-over parcel inserts. You save yourself the unnecessary disposal costs.

Barter Deal

Benefit from our barter deal concept. Exchange shares of your shipping volume for advertising volume in parcels from our large partner network.

Attractive compensation

Achieve 2-5x higher compensation (through higher CPMs) and utilize 100% of your advertising space.


Everything at a glance in the ParcelDealz Dashboard

As a ParcelDealz publisher, you see a transparent breakdown of which advertiser campaigns are included in your parcels and have an overview of all relevant figures, such as your revenue and ParcelPoints. 

Rent out the space in your parcels and earn money effortless with smart parcel inserts!

FAQ - frequently asked questions

For the basic setup, only salutation/gender, zip code and country are needed to create an insert with the matching advertising partners. All other parameters that increase the level of targeting are optional and have a positive effect on the payouts. You can find a detailed list of the data in our API Documentation.

The implementation is comparable to the connection of a carrier. However, we also have plugins and interfaces to ERP and store systems that facilitate the connection. Please contact us for this directly.

Yes. Before the first distribution begins, a blacklist is created in consultation with you as the sender, on which you can exclude e.g. certain industries or competitors.

No, we quickly and easily connect to the existing label printer. The displays are designed for monochrome printing. Other, already existing, monochrome printing systems can also be used. You are welcome to coordinate this with us directly.


Yes, ParcelDealz can also be implemented in a highly automated logistics process with Print and Apply (PandA). Please contact us for this directly.