400€ Werbebudget sichern und Neukunden gewinnen

mit smarten Paketbeilagen.

ParcelDealz - Paketbeilage

400€ ausgeben und 400€ Werbebudget erhalten!

Um Sie beim Einstieg in ParcelDealz zu unterstützen, schenken wir Ihnen ein Werbeguthaben von 400€, wenn Sie 400€ für Ihre erste Kampagne ausgeben

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Mit ParcelDealz Paketbeilagen zielgenau Neukunden erreichen​

ParcelDealz is your advertising space for smart parcel inserts, with which you can reach the exact customers you would like to target. What's the difference to conventional parcel inserts?

  • no pre-printed mass flyers with expiration date, but print on demand in the logistics of the publisher
  • specific targeting options for a targeted placement in the appropriate parcels of our publisher network
  • real-time campaign adjustments and flexible pausing

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Advertising doesn't always have to be colorful and high-resolution. Our A/B test demonstrated that. The conversion rate of the black and white format of ParcelDealz performed equally well as the classic parcel insert formats.

You define your target group based on these targeting options:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Value of the parcel where your advertisement should be inserted
  • Geo-targeting based on postal codes, perimeters, regions and countries
  • Products or product categories the order should contain

You create the campaign as easily as you create an online ad. You set a start date and the daily budget. Our calculator shows you directly how many impressions and conversions you can achieve with the indicated daily budget. The following fields are used to create your campaign ad:

  • Logo upload
  • two-line advertising text with max. 50 characters
  • Field for a voucher code (statically defined or individually via a voucher list upload)
  • Disclaimer text for the voucher (max. 90 characters)
  • Call-to-action (max. 20 characters) incl. a QR code that links to your preferred landing page

The live preview shows you directly what the campaign will look like. Try it out right away: Create campaign now!

Although the ParcelDealz insert is usually printed on label paper, it is simply placed in the parcel, not pasted on it. Comparable to a return label.

A ParcelDealz campaign costs between €60 and €120 per thousand contacts (CPM*). The costs depend on the defined targeting options for your desired customers and the target country. Essentially you only pay as much as necessary to reach your target group.

*CPM: The cost-per-mille indicates how much it costs to reach 1,000 people in the target group via visual contact with the advertising medium.