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ParcelDealz parcel inserts explained simply. Create and manage campaigns like online ads, with the advantages of offline.

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ParcelDealz inserts are an innovative and cost-efficient marketing solution. Agile advertising spaces with print-on-demand make it possible to place campaigns precisely. 

The ad is only printed and inserted if the parcel recipient matches the desired target group. This data-driven approach leads to a significant increase in campaign performance.

Smart print format for more performance

The brand Saphira Beauty focuses on data-driven new customer acquisition. Instead of static mass flyers, they book a targeted parcel insert campaign via ParceDealz.

Saphira Beauty defines its target group using specific targeting options such as age, gender, place of residence, purchasing power and interest based on the products purchased.

The targeting determines in which parcels the campaign is inserted. If there is a match with the parcel recipient's data, the ad is printed just-in-time in the logistics of a ParcelDealz publisher and inserted.

The campaign of
Saphira Beauty reaches...

  • 32 years
  • from Düsseldorf
  • Upper purchasing power 
  • ordered Interior articles from Eastwing 
  • 48 years
  • from Munich
  • High purchasing power
  • ordered women's fashion from Tim Tailor

The campaign is played out to many more parcel recipients that match the targeting settings.

Advertiser ParcelDealz Dashboard

And in which parcels does the campaign perform best? Digital tracking with exact attribution via QR codes and individual coupon codes provides data-based insights into the target group.


In our 1×1 of parcel insert marketing you will receive concrete tips and helpful information on how to win new customers with parcel inserts and how to measure your success.

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