Rethinking parcel inserts.

Targeted. Smart. Offline.

80% of companies wish they had started sooner

High-performance new customer acquisition with targeted package inserts

Agile, individualized and placed only with your target group: sounds like online marketing, but it's smart package inserts. The difference to classic parcel inserts?

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Lisa, 23, Mainz
Mark, 34, Berlin
ParcelDealz Paketbeilagenkampagne Hunkemöller
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Lisa’s Parcel fits every targeting option of the campaign
(female, 18-30 J., Germany, fashion order

Mark’s parcel fits all targeting options of the campaign
(male, 27-50 y., lives in Berlin)

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More revenue through targeted new customer acquisition.

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Targeting as in online marketing with the advantages of an offline medium.

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Real-time campaigns can go live immediately and can be paused at any time.

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Digital tracking with accurate attribution provides insights into performance.

Mehr erfahren, wie ParcelDealz in der Praxis funktioniert

Smart new customer acquisition with parcel inserts from the label printer

Use smart parcel inserts as an extension for your new customer acquisition. For the first time, you can set up, manage and track parcel insert campaigns as you know them from online marketing. 

In addition, you benefit from the advantages of a print medium that does not require opt-ins, knows no cookie blockers and enjoys a 100% open rate.

Select your target group according to a wide range of criteria, such as age, gender, place of residence based on zip code, purchasing power based on net monthly household income, and interest in the products purchased in the parcel.

Individual coupon– and QR codes make your offline advertising online measurable. The dashboard shows you in which parcels and thus with which target group your campaign performs best.

Find out more about the pricing models and costs for parcel inserts in practice in our expert article.

Parcel inserts don't always have to be colorful - but smart!

Label printers, already present in every logistics operation, enable on-demand printing for the parcel insert. Since, as with returns labels, printing is done on thermal paper, ParcelDealz ads are black and white.

Die performance of the format has more than proven itself, as confirmed by our customers' figures and our A/B test. The conversion rate of the black and white format performed just as well as the  classic parcel insert  formats (49% to 51%).

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Digital campaign reporting

In which parcels does your campaign perform best? Digital tracking with precise attribution via QR codes and individual voucher codes provides data-based insights into the target group.

You receive all important metrics on overall performance as well as specific target group parameters on performance by gender, purchasing power and place of residence at a glance in real time. This allows you to make agile adjustments to your campaign at any time. 

Get an inside look at the features of the ParcelDealz Dashboard in a short demo.

Use ParcelDealz as a channel for your customer acquisition

With just a few details about your product or company to be advertised, you will receive customised information for a test campaign and its performance. 

FAQ - frequently asked questions

You define your target group based on these targeting options:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Purchasing power based on net household income per month
  • Geo-targeting based on postal codes, perimeters, regions and countries
  • Interest based on the products or product categories that the order contains.

Based on your targeting criteria, it will be defined in which parcels your campaign will be enclosed. This is primarily independent of the sending company.

If the parcel recipient matches your target group, we will print your campaign for the parcel. You can see a selection of our customer networ here.

Although the ParcelDealz insert is usually printed on label paper, it is simply placed in the parcel, not pasted on it. Comparable to a return label.

With ParcelDealz, a parcel insert campaign starts at €35 per thousand contacts (CPM*). The costs depend on the defined targeting options. The more specific and pointed the targeting, the higher the CPM can be. 
In any case, you always pay only as much as necessary to reach your target group.

Read more about parcel insert costs in practice here (in German only).

*CPM: The cost-per-mille indicates how much it costs to reach 1,000 people in the target group via visual contact with the advertising medium.

Yes. You don't need a budget if you book the campaign via a barter deal. Here, you swap advertising space in your own packages and include package inserts with attractive senders without paying any money.

Learn more about the win-win of barter deals. (German only)