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ParcelDealz - Paketbeilage

80% of companies wish they had started sooner

More revenue through targeted new customer acquisition

ParcelDealz is your advertising space for smart parcel inserts. What's the difference to conventional parcel inserts?

Lisa, 23, Mainz
Mark, 34, Berlin

Lisa’s Parcel fits every targeting option of the campaign
(female, 18-30 J., Germany, fashion order

Mark’s parcel fits all targeting options of the campaign
(male, 27-50 y., lives in Berlin)

Smart print format for more performance

ParcelDealz is your smart solution! We rethink the parcel insert and revolutionize targeting and the printing process.

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Just the right amount. The insert is printed on demand. Increase output at the same cost and advertise in a sustainable way.

Targeting for each parcel

Male, 20-30 years old, plays handball but not soccer and lives in Hannover? Reduce spreading losses by addressing target groups precisely.

Real-time campaign

Stay agile and save long lead times. Your insert goes live in just 48h. Flexibily start and pause the campaign.

Campaign Reporting

In which parcels does your ad perform best? Digital tracking with exact attribution provides data-based insights into the target group.

Calculate range and costs

Get an estimate of the range and costs of your ParcelDealz campaign with just a few details.

How it works

The premium brand Saphira Beauty is running a parcel insert campaign via ParcelDealz to drive new customer acquisition for its online store.

Saphira Beauty defines its audience based on specific targeting options such as age, gender, place of residence, purchased products and order value.

The targeting defines in which parcels the campaign is distributed. If there is a match with the order data, the ParcelDealz ad is printed just-in-time on the shipper's label printer and enclosed with the parcel.

The campaign of
Saphira Beauty reaches...

  • 32 years old
  • from Düsseldorf
  • has ordered Interior articles from Eastwing 
  • 48 years old
  • from Munich
  • Has ordered women's fashion from Tim Tailor 

The campaign is played out to many more parcel recipients that match the targeting settings.

Higher performance
with targeted ads

Smart acquisition of new customers without online hurdles

Detailed targeting, high reach on a small budget and the success in black and white - classic online marketing works. But what if your ideal customers can't all be reached there? Opt-ins, ad blockers and spam filters are doing their part.

Umgehen Sie diese Online-Hürden mit ParcelDealz Paketbeilagen als smarte offline Ausspielfläche zur Neukundengewinnung. Selektieren Sie Ihre Zielgruppe nach vielfältigen Kriterien wie etwa Interesse, Vorlieben, Alter, Geschlecht und Location.

You benefit from a 100% open rate and reach new customers in a positive moment of unpacking. The smart advertising space at your fingertips reaches the right target group even with a small budget. Individual coupon and QR codes make your offline advertising measurable online.

It doesn't always have to be colorful - but smart!

The on-demand parcel insert from ParcelDealz comes out of the label printer in black and white. The performance of the ParcelDealz format has more than proven itself - this is confirmed by our enthusiastic customers as well as our A/B test. The conversion rate of the black-and-white format performed just as well as the conventional parcel insert formats.

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

You define your target group based on these targeting options:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geo-targeting based on zip codes, radius, regions and countries
  • Products or product categories the order should contain

Anhand Ihrer Targeting-Kriterien wird definiert, in welchen Paketen Ihre Kampagne beigelegt wird. Das ist in erster Linie unabhängig vom versendenden Unternehmen.

Passt der Paketempfänger zu Ihrer Zielgruppe, drucken wir Ihre Kampagne für das Paket. Eine Auswahl unseres Kundennetzwerks sehen Sie hier


Although the ParcelDealz insert is usually printed on label paper, it is simply placed in the parcel, not pasted on it. Comparable to a return label.

A ParcelDealz campaign costs between €60 and €120 per thousand contacts (CPM*). The costs depend on the defined targeting options for your desired customers and the target country.

In very pointed targeting cases, especially geo-targeting, the CPM is analyzed on a case-by-case basis and may be higher.

In any case, you always pay only as much as necessary to reach your target group.

*CPM: The cost-per-mille indicates how much it costs to reach 1,000 people in the target group via visual contact with the advertising medium.

Yes. You don't need a budget if you book the campaign via a barter deal. Here, you swap advertising space in your own packages and include package inserts with attractive senders without paying any money.

Learn more about the win-win of barter deals. (German only)